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三公棋牌  Paper translation is difficult and requires a certain writing ability, so the requirements for translators are relatively high. What are the skills of paper translation that medical translation companies share with you today?


  1. Addition and subtraction


  According to the different ways of thinking, language habits and expressions between English and Chinese, some words, short sentences or sentences are added to the translation so as to express the meaning contained in the original text more accurately。 This method is mostly used to translate miles into Chinese。 In addition, when translating from Chinese to English, attention should also be paid to adding some words implied but not explicitly stated in the original text and some general and annotative words to ensure the integrity of the meaning of the translation。 In a word, by adding translations, the first is to ensure the integrity of the grammatical structure of the translated text, and the second is to ensure the clarity of the meaning of the translated text。 The corresponding translation method of subtraction is to delete words that do not conform to the thinking habits, language habits and expressions of the target language in order to avoid redundancy in the translation。 The opposite is true of the example sentences in the augmented translation method。


  2. Dismantling and Merging


  These are two corresponding translation methods. The disassembly method is to decompose a long and complex sentence into several shorter and simpler sentences, usually used in English-Chinese translation; the merging method is to merge several short sentences into one long sentence, usually used in Chinese-English translation.


  3. Positive and Reverse Translation

三公棋牌  这两种方法通常用于汉译英,偶尔也用于英译汉。所谓正译,是指把句子按照与汉语相同的语序或表达方式译成英语。所谓反译则是指把句子按照与汉语相反的语序或表达方式译成英语。

  These two methods are usually used in Chinese-English translation and occasionally in English-Chinese translation。 The so-called positive translation refers to the translation of sentences into English according to the same word order or expression as Chinese。 The so-called reverse translation refers to the translation of sentences into English according to the word order or expression opposite to Chinese。


  4. Inversion Method


  In Chinese, attributive modifiers and adverbial modifiers often precede the modifiers; in English, many modifiers often precede the modifiers, so the word order of the original text is often reversed in translation。 Inversion is usually used in English-Chinese translation, that is to say, long English sentences are exchanged back and forth according to the customary expression of Chinese, and all of them are inverted according to the group of meanings。 The principle is to make the arrangement of Chinese sentences conform to the general logical order of modern Chinese theoretical narration。 Sometimes inversion is also used in Chinese-English translation。 At this moment, through the miracle of modern means of communication, more people see and hear us than on any other occasion in the history of the world。


  5. Conversion Method


  It refers to the transformation of parts of speech, sentence patterns and voices in the original sentence in order to make the translation conform to the expression, method and habits of the target language。 Specifically, in terms of part of speech, nouns are transformed into pronouns, adjectives and verbs; verbs into nouns, adjectives, adverbs and prepositions; and adjectives into adverbs and phrases。 In terms of sentence components, the subject is changed into adverbial, attributive, object and predicate; the predicate into subject, attributive and predicate; the attributive into adverbial and subject; and the object into subject。 In the aspect of sentence pattern, we should change the juxtaposition sentence into compound sentence, compound sentence into juxtaposition sentence, adverbial clause into attributive clause。 In the aspect of voice, we can change the active voice into the passive voice。


  6. Inclusion method

三公棋牌  这种方法多用于英译汉。所谓包孕是指在把英语长句译成汉语时,把英语后置成分按照汉语的正常语序放在中心词之前,使修饰成分在汉语句中形成前置包孕。但修饰成分不宜过长,否则会形成拖沓或造成汉语句子成分在连接上的纠葛。

  This method is mostly used in English-Chinese translation。 The so-called "inclusion" refers to the translation of long English sentences into Chinese, putting the English postposition before the central word according to the normal word order of Chinese, so that the modifier can form a preposition in Chinese sentences。 But the modifier should not be too long, otherwise it will lead to procrastination or entanglement in the connection of Chinese sentence components。


  7. Insertion Method


  It refers to inserting difficult sentence elements into the translated sentence with dashes, brackets or commas. This method is mainly used in translation. Occasionally, it is also used in interpretation, that is, to deal with some explanatory elements with appositives, parentheses or attributive clauses.


  8. Restructuring Law

三公棋牌  指在进行英译汉时,为了使译文流畅和更符合汉语叙事论理的习惯,在捋清英语长句的结构、弄懂英语原意的基础上,彻底摆脱原文语序和句子形式,对句子进行重新组合。必须把大量时间花在确保关键人物均根据同一情报和目的行事,而这一切对身体的耐力和思维能力都是一大考验。因此,一旦考虑成熟,决策者就应迅速做出决策。

  When translating from English to Chinese, in order to make the translation fluent and more in line with Chinese narrative theory, we should completely get rid of the word order and sentence form of the original text and recombine the sentences on the basis of clarifying the structure of long English sentences and understanding the original meaning of English。 Much time must be devoted to ensuring that key people act on the same intelligence and purpose, which is a great test of physical endurance and mental ability。 Therefore, once considered mature, decision makers should make decisions quickly。


  9. Comprehensive Method


  When a single translation skill is unable to be translated, we should focus on the text, take logical analysis as the basis, and use many translation techniques such as transformation, inversion, addition, omission, parsing and so on.

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